Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock School Spirit!

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School Mascot: Eagle

School Colors: Black, Purple and Silver

School Song: Eagle Rock Rocks
(written by Students in 2000)

Verse 1
We are one big family/Living in a small community.
It's a place where we feel free to learn.
Nestled on the edge of the wilderness, We face every day with eagerness.
We like Eagle Rock-Eagle Rock Rocks.

Eagle Rock rocks! When we play!
Eagle Rock rocks! Every day.
It's a place to learn, it's a place for fun.
Eagle Rocks always Number One.....Number One.

Verse 2
Out on the playground we see deer/Squirrels and Rabbits are always near.
Pileated woodpeckers-peckin wood.
Every day is a nature walk/with plants and bugs and a circling hawk.
We like Eagle Rock-Eagle Rock rocks!


Verse 3
Workin haerd every day/We learn so much in every way.
Eagle Rock's a place where we can grow.
We feel great, we feel good/We learn everything that we should
We like Eagle Rock-Eagle Rock rocks!