Eagle Rock

Volunteer Information

As parents of Eagle Rock children you agreed to volunteer at least 60 hours for your first student and 15 hours for each additional student. An easy way to think about what would count towards your 60 hours is to ask yourself these questions.

"Can the event or activity go on without my active involvement?"

"Does this benefit more than just my child?"

If you answer NO to either of the questions above, then you are actively involved in planning or supporting the event by leading an activity or a group. Such activities would include chaperoning a field trip, serving on the fundraising committee, making copies for a teacher, or watching another parent's child(ren) so that parent may support the event or help in the classroom. These hours would count towards family commitment.

Helping at the school during regular school hours in the classroom, in the office, or with an activity will count towards your 60 hours.

Serving on or chairing PTA committees, school committees, or district committee's counts towards the 60 hours.

If you answer YES to either of the questions above your hours probably don't count.  It doesn't mean the event or activity isn't important, fun or worthwhile. Such activities include attending a general PTA meeting, attending curriculum night, attending family nights, attending conferences.

Parent Responsibility

Volunteer Hours

(Does not count as parent hours)

  • Attend Parent Conference
  • Attend PTA Meetings
  • Attend Back to School BBQ
  • Attending Family Nights, Bingo, Skating, Pumpkin carving

(Counts as volunteer hours)

  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Working on-site under the direction of staff or doing committee work
  • Working onsite for a school function and you are signed up ahead of time to work set up or clean up


*Riverview School District Volunteer Process and Forms*